Omnis-Related Products

We have developed a number of useful products for the Omnis developer and end user community over the last few years. These products have only been advertised in the pages of OmniScience until now. Here is an opportunity to obtain some easy-to-use examples and auxiliary programs to enhance your Omnis programming experience.

Most products are available for either Omnis 7 or Omnis Studio. Exceptions are noted.

Data Generator

This Omnis application uses a large datafile of personal, company, street, and city, state, zip code data to create real-looking but completely fictitious records for database testing.
Professional Developer Training Examples

This application is used in many of the courses given by Polymath to demonstrate principles of using Omnis. A great aid in exploring this fantastic programming environment and its intricacies!
Master Calculator Component

This library contains one of the wildest, full-featured scientific and financial calculators you've ever seen -- in an Omnis window! Use this library within your existing and future applications for added functionality. The first of a series...
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