Coming Volumes of OmniScience

The OmniScienceOmnis Reference Library” project is under way. Here is the plan for the first few volumes of this comprehensive set of texts:

Proposed Omnis Reference Library Volumes

Volume I

Variables and Fields

(published 31 March, 2003)

Volume II

List Variables

Volume III

Windows and Entry Fields

Volume IV

Operators and Expressions

Volume V

Object Notation

Volume VI

Methods and Messaging

Volume VII

Event Handling

Volume VIII

List Display Fields Overview

Volume IX

Native Omnis Data Manipulation

Volume X

Basic SQL Data Manipulation

Volume XI

List Data Entry Strategies

Volume XII

List Variable Manipulations

Volume XIII

Smart Lists

Volume XIV

Reporting Basics

Volume XV

Advanced Report Techniques

Volume XVI

Menu Basics

Volume XVII

Toolbar Basics

Volume XVIII Task Basics
Volume XIX Web Thin Client Basics
Volume XX Subwindows and Subforms
Volume XXI Inheritance
Volume XXII Ultra Thin Client

Each volume will be published as it is finished — and they may not be completed in the order given here.

In addition to the manuals listed above, we will occasionally also produce books in the OmniScience “Component Companion” series. It has been brought to our attention that there is a gaping lack of information on how to use the many external components that ship with Omnis Studio. In an effort to fill in these voids as well, we will undertake a similar campaign to document these components in the same detail and care we give to Omnis Studio itself. Here are the proposed topics for this series and the approximate order in which they will be addressed:

Proposed “Component Companion” Series Volumes

Volume I

HTML Control

Volume II

Sprite Pad

Volume III


Volume IV


Volume V

Movie Player

Volume VI

Picture Components

Volume VII

String Tables

Volume VIII

Background Components

Volume IX

Help Methods
Volume X Sidebar

We hope that you find these volumes as useful as our basic information on Omnis Studio.