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Frequently Observed Inaccuracies
and Blatant Logic Errors

Everyone has their favorite acronyms. I have created one I believe is really needed -- especially in the Omnis Community where opinions are often expressed as facts and misinformation occasionally abounds! It is the FOIBLE -- short for Frequently Observed Inaccuracies and Blatant Logic Errors.

Certainly I have been known to offer opinions that could have used a bit more thought before being expressed. No argument on that! But my general stance is that Omnis (Studio or whichever version you choose) is a fine product with many useful features to meet a variety of needs. It can be used effectively and efficiently at many programming levels and with many (vastly different) programming styles. Unless features have been marked "Obsolete" by the people who create the product, let's see how we can use them all to our advantage rather than avoiding some of them out of ignorance or painting ourselves into a style-bound corner.

Here are a few examples for your consideration: