When I speak at conferences or contribute articles to publications other than OmniScience and OmniBusiness, the example libraries I use to illustrate the main points of those presentations (or the PowerPoint presentations themselves) will often become available here free of charge. More extensive and complex libraries that accompany issues of OmniScience or my Omnis courses are offered for a nominal fee. The techniques included in these libraries are intended for your personal use in solving problems for clients. No permission, implicit or otherwise, is given for including these techniques in training materials or help applications. Here are some pages with more information about these presentations and links for downloading the associated files.

Pages not yet completed -- stay tuned!

May 2002 File Structure Chart Omnis Tech News
(Raining Data Corporation)
example library (.sit)
Mar 2003 style() Function Omnis Tech News
(Raining Data Corporation)

Files with the extension “.sit” require StuffIt Expander to open them.

Files with the extension “.pdf” require Acrobat Reader to view them.