Resume of David Swain

President, Polymath Business Systems

52 Cortland Drive, Bedford, NH 03110

Professional Background

1982 to present Polymath Business Systems, President
Develop custom database applications for a wide variety of clients. Train programmers and end users in various business-related software, specializing in database programming.
1980 to 1982 Simpson Manufacturing Company, Inc., Design Engineer
Designed and optimized metal connectors for wood frame construction. Performed cost analysis functions for company president using database and spreadsheet software.
1978 to 1980 Raychem Corporation, Metallurgical Engineer
Performed various studies on copper-based shape-memory alloys. Used computer techniques to determine proper composition and manage quality control for large (5 ton) continuous casting of this alloy and subsequent mechanical and heat processing.

Educational Background

1976 to 1978 University of California, Berkeley
Master of Science, Metallurgy and Materials Science
Specialized in electron microscopy. Also did archaeological research cataloguing Egyptian, Greek, and Incan gemstones, jewelry and precious metal artifacts for the Lowie Museum of Anthropology at UC Berkeley.
1974 to 1976 Michigan State University
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
While still an undergraduate, taught silversmithing as a technical metallurgy course in the College of Engineering at Michigan State, and Lapidary as an Art subject and Gemology as a Physics subject at Lansing Community College.
1967 to 1972 Michigan State University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Also studied anthropology, linguistics, statistics, and theatre. Organized two theatre companies with friends and opened a jewelry store off campus while a full-time undergraduate student.


"Unlocking Omnis 3 Plus"


Reviews on Omnis 3, Omnis Quartz, and Omnis 5 in MacUser and Software Digest magazines.

Omnis-related Milestones

August 1985 Began teaching local classes in Omnis 3
February 1986 Hired by Blyth Software to write Advanced Developer training course for Omnis 3 Plus.
June 1986 Taught first Advanced Developer training course. Students included Blyth employees.
July 1986 Began touring course around the United States. Courses on the current versions of Omnis given in major U.S. cities have continued to the present.
December 1986 Published "Unlocking Omnis 3 Plus" first edition
March 1987 Hired by Blyth Software to design and perform competitive testing program comparing Omnis Quartz with dBASE III in preparation for the release of Omnis Quartz and the public stock offering for Blyth Holdings.
April 1989 Published the revised and expanded version of "Unlocking Omnis 3 Plus" for the 3.3 version of that product.
June 1989 Organized and led developer conferences to introduce Omnis 5 to developers in six major cities around the U.S. for Blyth Software.
October 1989 Contracted by Blyth Software to write Introductory training materials for Omnis 5.
November 1990 Began publication of "OmniScience", a quarterly 40-page technical journal on Omnis.
March 1991 Spoke at Australian Omnis Developers conference by invitation.
December 1991 Blyth Software purchased a blanket subscription to "OmniScience" for all registered users of Omnis 7 in the United States and the United Kingdom for the 1992 calendar year to enhance the perceived value of that product.
August 1992 Spoke at Australian Omnis Developers conference by invitation. Gave Omnis training classes in Sydney and Melbourne.
January 1993 Charter member of the Blyth Ambassadors program, an elite group of Omnis developers and consultants known for their technical and business expertise.
November 1996 Presented various talks at the Omnis Underground conference in Denver, CO.
April 1997 Selected to spearhead the OMNIS 101 track, an introductory training course on Omnis technology. My segment was a full two days of the three day Omnis Underground conference.
May 1998 Presented various talks at the Omnis Underground conference in Denver, CO.
November 1998 Presented first Omnis Web Technologies course in Anaheim, CA.
December 1998 Presented various talks at the first European Omnis conference in Durbuy, Belgium. My session on Omnis Reports was rated best of conference by one of the Omnis representatives.
May 1999 Presented various talks at the Omnis Underground conference in Denver, CO.
November 1999 Presented various talks at the second European Omnis conference in Valkenburg, Netherlands.
January 2000 Accepted position with Omnis Software as Training Coordinator and Senior Trainer.
October 2000 Left Omnis Software prior to its merger with Pick Systems to resume a career as an independent Omnis trainer and author.
October 2000 Presented talks on Omnis Report Techniques and Design Alternatives at the third European Omnis conference in Valkenburg, Netherlands.
November 2000 At the request of Omnis Software, spoke at the Australian Omnis Developers conference in Sydney and taught both an introductory Omnis Studio course and a course on deploying Omnis applications to the Web.
December 2000 Began new series of Omnis Studio training courses.
Current Projects Writing books on Omnis Studio, expanded training courses and training videos on Omnis, more issues of "OmniScience"

last modified on November 9, 1999