Omnis-Related Consulting Services

Polymath Business Systems offers a wide range of Omnis-related consulting services. Rates vary slightly for some services, but detailed rate information can be found on our Rate Schedule page. Here are brief descriptions of some of the more common services we offer:

Database Design

We believe that design is to programming as architecture is to construction. For mission-critical applications, a thorough design job should be done before attempting to build any libraries. The issue is not what windows to create, but how the data is to be structured. The file structure is the framework on which all other aspects of an application are built.

We can get your project off the ground by assisting you in determining the file structure, appropriate interface, and special reporting techniques for your desired application. We have developed an "interview" process that gets to the heart of your database needs by pooling the knowledge of those involved in the project and the work it emulates with our own expertise in complex database structures. The result is a highly flexible file structure with an easy to learn and use interface and work flow plan. All your programmers have to do is implement the plan.

This work is billed at an hourly or daily rate as appropriate.

Custom Programming

If you feel that your staff is not up to the task, or their talents could better be used elsewhere, we can perform the programming tasks for you. Only a limited number of such jobs are taken each year. For greatest efficiency, most of this work is done in our offices with visits to your site as needed. Versions of the work in progress can be emailed to you for review and testing. You can be assured of having an application that contains state-of-the-art Omnis programming techniques and the most efficient code possible. References are available on request.

This work is billed at an hourly or daily rate as appropriate.

Application Design Review

Perhaps you are not sure whether your Omnis application could have been built a better way. We provide review services on existing libraries for your convenience. We will only review work that has been done by you or your staff on in-house projects -- we prefer not to pass judgement on the work of other consultants.

This process unfolds in two parts. The first is a cursory two hour review of your file structure and basic interface design. We can provide guidelines for the documentation that you should provide to make these two hours most efficient. From this preliminary examination, we can then estimate for you how much time it would take to review various aspects of your code in more detail.

This work is billed at an hourly rate.

On-Site Troubleshooting

Errors occurring? Database damaged? Things just not happening like they should? Who ya' gonna call?

Over the years we have come to the rescue of many Omnis database applications. Not only have we solved the immediate problem for these clients, but we have been able to make suggestions for improving the code, the machine setup, or the network environment of their applications to help minimize or eliminate such problems from cropping up in the future.

This work is billed at a daily rate.

Omnis Q&A (Telephone Consultation)

Often Omnis users have small problems that might have quick answers or a series of questions that are not worth a full days (or even a full hours) consultation. To serve these needs, we implemented a telephone consultation service many years ago that has proven to be invaluable to those clients who have taken advantage of it. This service is billed by ten minute increment of time. The telephone call must originate with the client.

One-on-One Focussed Training

Students who have completed the "Professional Developer Training" course from Polymath are eligible for this hands-on training at their workplace. The topics and scope of this training will vary from case to case, but this project-directed advanced training will get your projects moving faster while helping you become better Omnis programmers.

This work is billed at an hourly (local) or daily (national) rate as appropriate.