Background Information

Polymath Business Systems and Omnis

Polymath Business Systems

Polymath Business Systems was founded in Alameda, CA in January, 1982. It's primary mission was to educate business users of personal computers on how to efficiently and creatively use productivity software to streamline or automate common office tasks. Trainings were given on Apple][, Apple ///, TRS 80, Compaq, IBM PC and other computers common at that time and focussed primarily on word processing, spreadsheet and database software.

With the advent of the Lisa and Macintosh computers from Apple, Polymath's emphasis changed to reflect the advantages offered by the graphical user interface (GUI). At about the same time, Polymath began focussing more on database software training, notably dBASE II, and the graphical presentation of data. We began seeking a capable database programming language for the new GUI platforms and, by the end of 1984, found Omnis 3. The Omnis family of database products has been our top choice ever since!

We soon evolved to being the leading provider of training for Omnis, a position we continue to hold today. In addition to offering training classes for all levels of Omnis developers, we also create books and technical publications to further explain the capabilities of this wonderful tool.

Now in 2001 we are offering a new program to get the next generation of Omnis programmers off to a good start. The DatApprentice Program is designed to pass on the expertise of "Omnis Masters" to high school and college students working in groups under a local "Advisor". They will not only be taught the skills of an Omnis programmer, but the business of being a database consultant through a series of video presentations and community service exercises. We have high hopes for this program and its participants.

David Swain

David Swain is the founder and president of Polymath Business Systems. His expertise in Omnis programming and his ability to make complex concepts understandable are recognized throughout the worldwide Omnis community.

See his resume for further details.

Omnis Studio

The most recent incarnation of the Omnis database product is named Omnis Studio. Its version 3.1 was released in November, 2001.

Raining Data

The Omnis family of database software was created and continues to be improved by a talented group of engineers working in the United Kingdom. Late in the year 2000, Omnis Software merged with Pick Systems to form the company now named Raining Data.