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DVD is the most rapidly accepted technological advance in history. Its uses are many and varied, but we focus here on helping you master this technology for marketing and education purposes.

What makes DVD so special? Here are the basic points:

  1. Delivering your message with video allows you to make your case with the emphasis you intend. Messages delivered through text (like this one) are rarely read with the intended interpretation no matter how hard the author might try. With video, not only is the message delivered by a human with feeling, but the message can be enhanced with background music, 2D and 3D graphics and animations for even greater impact. Alternate audio and subtitle tracks in different languages can also be added to expand your audience.
  2. DVDs have menus that allow the viewer to see just those parts that interest them. With video tape, the viewer has to sit through the entire tape to get to the end (where they discover how to purchase, participate, etc.). Viewers often get bored or interrupted and may never finish the tape. DVDs offer “random access”, meaning that the viewer can move to any of the content that interests them based on the menu selections you provide.
  3. By the end of 2002, over 60% of all households in the US will have some sort of DVD viewing device. The percentage is even higher for businesses. Not only dedicated DVD players and computers with DVD-ROM drives can play this content, but many video game machines also play DVDs. There is no concern about whether a specific machine can view the DVD format since it is universal among all DVD players. (No difference between Macintosh and Windows, for example.)
  4. DVDs with interactive content are easier to create than CDs and earlier forms of video media. Very affordable equipment and software are readily available for purchase by the average consumer. (Or you can rent time on ours...)

All it takes to participate in this new information revolution is competent and affordable training. That’s where we come in.

We are proud to offer computer-based creative services and training for all aspects of digital content production required for the most sophisticated DVDs that can be made. These services are based on the advanced technologies created by Apple Computer, Inc. or running on their MacOSX operating system and include technologies ranging from simple desktop publishing to high-end graphics, technical animation and video editing. (Some of this software is also available for the Windows operating system, but may require “high end” machines for sufficient processing speed on that platform.)

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We also occasionally offer free seminars to introduce new people to the exciting possibilities offered by such products as iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD that are included free with your new Macintosh computer running OSX. These seminars are also listed in our class schedule.